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Re: Cloudera Manager services show unknown health status

Thanks a lot you guys the problem is solved !!!


I carried out a number of configuration changes including increasing the heap size as recommended, briefly


1 I realigned the "decalage horloge" which was about 2mins on my cluster
2 I increased the java heap pile from 256 to 512mb on the Host and Service monitor
3 I stopped a few unnecessary services on the cluster, ie HBase Hive Hue and Oozie


I will explain the last step quickly

One of the Cluster configuration problems is the surcharge on the memory of host CHILDNODE1. This host has 11 roles allocated to it which leads to health problems. Therefore I am to reallocate the roles among the hosts. Which was why I mentioned in my last post I am going to add a new host. To do just this


The new 2 screenshots now show all health status reports working okay (the concerning health status comes primarily from the overloaded host CHILNODE1)


Some final thoughts/questions on good housekeeping


1 Should I stop all services on a nightly basis when I retire and before I log off from Cloudera Manager. And restart them after I have logged onto Cloudera Manager ? This would have avoided the problems I encountered after my holiday.
2 One can run hadoop jobs with Cloudera Manager showing good or concerning health status but not bad health status. Is this so ?


Thanks again




Who agreed with this solution