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Kerberos authentication with hive JDBC driver

New Contributor

I am trying to connect to Hive database with Oracle SQL developer using Cloudera Hive JDBC drivers.

I keep getting following error message


Status : Failure -Test failed: [Cloudera][HiveJDBCDriver](500164) Error initialized or created transport for authentication: [Cloudera][HiveJDBCDriver](500169) Unable to connect to server: GSS initiate failed.


My Hadoop environment has

  • Hive version
  • Kerberos version 1.10.3-10

I am trying to connect to this Hive database from Windows 7 64-bit machine which has

  • Sqldeveloper version
  • Cloudera_Hive JDBC4 driver
  • MIT Kerberos app version 4.1


Important: Windows machine I am connecting from is on a different domain as that of Hadoop cluster.


I have followed instructions from Using SQL Developer to access Apache Hive with kerberos authentication and steps I have performed are.

  1. Imported all the jar files to SQL Developer from the JDBC driver .
  2. Updated Java Crypto jars (local_policy.jar and US_export_policy.jap in sqldeveloper\jdk\jre\lib\security folder) with ones provided in
  3. Created an environment variable  KRB5CCNAME whose value is set to C:\sqldeveloper\ktfile.keytab
  4. Installed MIT kerberos 4.1 64-bit app
  5. Acquired valid ticked (via kinit/hrough the app)
  6. Picture below shows the connection details

Hive connection details were:



Host name:
port: 10010
database: default

Krbservicename: hive
AuthMech: 1


Can someone please advise me what I can do to fix the issue and connect to Hive using JDBC drivers.

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