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Running pyspark (w/ anaconda ) in oozie via Hue


I'm trying to run a simple python script on Oozie using Hue. I'm using anaconda parcels installed so I've also add in Cloudera manager, spark configuration (Spark Service Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for spark-conf/spark-env.sh)

if [ -z "${PYSPARK_PYTHON}" ]; then
export PYSPARK_PYTHON=/opt/cloudera/parcels/Anaconda/bin/python

When running the job, i've a python error

ImportError: No module named pandas.io.json

, meaning that the PYSPARK_PYTHON doesn't seems to take the one from anaconda.


I've tried to add an arguments with PYSPARK_PYTHON=/opt/cloudera/parcels/Anaconda/bin/python on the spark action via hue, but doesn't seems to work.


If I run the scripts via CLI and spark-submit it works.

If I run other python scripts on Oozie via Hue (without packages from anaconda) it works.


What am I missing ? :/



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