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change from embedded to external database unclear


Hello, all. Recently, I installed Cloudera Express to create a new cluster for some of our students. It seems in this version, there's a warning message on the Cloudera Manager:


You are running Cloudera Manager in non-production mode, which uses an embedded PostgreSQL database. Switch to using a supported external database before moving into production. More Details


I don't recall that from earlier versions of CM's website. Nevertheless, I took this opportunity to install external databases as described in the link referenced by More Details (which was )


However, despite my having created these databases and reconfigured the relevant configuration files (and confirming them through the Configuration/Database settings tabs, I'm still getting the warning message. Now, I realize I can also turn OFF that message in Configuration/General, but my question is: How do I know that my Cloudera Manager is actually running off the external databases? (I said to use external databases from the very start in the Wizard when running the CM website for the first time). I note that all three services

[ + ] cloudera-scm-agent
[ + ] cloudera-scm-server
[ + ] cloudera-scm-server-db

are running on the server which has the CM website, databases, etc.  I cannot stop the server-db daemon, it simply hangs till I quit, and then shows that it is still running.


Am I missing something? What else can I look at? Am I supposed to manually turn off that message? What is triggering it in the first place, if the Cloudera Express was installed with external databases to begin with?




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