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1) If you didn't set a memory limit for the query then the query may expand up to the process memory limit. I.e. the query memory limit is effectively process memory limit. This is a pretty bad configuration for concurrent queries since the queries end up fighting it out for memory.


2) To answer your CM question directly, you can get the relevant metrics from the timeseries API. tcmalloc_physical_bytes_reserved_across_impalads is the process consumption and mem_tracker_process_limit_across_impalads is the limit. If you paste this into the Chart Builder you can see the averages of the two: SELECT tcmalloc_physical_bytes_reserved_across_impalads, mem_tracker_process_limit_across_impalads WHERE entityName = "IMPALA-1" AND category = SERVICE


I'm wondering though if setting up admission control with resource pools and default query memory limits would solve your problem better thana custom solution:

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