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Swap Memory Usage for HDFS, Yarn and Impala




We have been getting regular warning messages of Swap Memory being utilized more than the threshold limit.


Currently, we have set swap memory threshold as below:


HDFS = 100 MB

Impala = 30 MB

Yarn = 500 MB (Could be +-20%, I dont remember the exact number).


Swap Memory usage for each of the component is crossing the threshold and reaches upto 720 MB (in case of Yarn). Because of this, we usually see warnings on our CM dashboard.


I know increasing the Swap Memory Threshold could remove these warnings, however, we would prefer rather reducing the usage.


Would be great if anyone could suggestion any Memory Tuning options which would reduce the usage of Swap Memory. Also, if there is a best recommendations of setting memory usage threshold, kindly share that as well.




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