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Impala ODBC error with Power BI, though Kerberos

Hello guys,


I installed Cloudera ODBC Impala 64 driver and set it up on System DSN mode, in order to enable a connection between Impala and Power BI through Kerberos. So far so good, I was able to access my cluster and import individual tables to build my dashboard.


However when refreshing my dashboard (this performs a simultaneously import from the selected tables), I found the following error:


OLE DB or ODBC error: [DataSource.Error] ODBC: ERROR [HY000] [Cloudera] [KerberosSuport] (0) Error occurred during Kerberos library operation: Internal credentials cache error.


I have tried a couple of things based on google research, but so far have gotten no luck on that error message.

Could someone please help me?

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