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YARN Applications display wrong formatted duration

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I am having a problem that I can't find any logical solution. Every job that requires YARN it will show up in "YARN Applications" UI on Cloudera Manager. Even though I can see all the running jobs on YARN Applications UI, ResourceManager UI, or Spark UI I have to widen my time selector to a year or two to see the finished jobs.


I think this has something to do with displayed time. All the running jobs have the static `17540.7d` as their duration:


Screenshot 2018-01-09 18.14.26.png


At the same time these applications on `ResourceManager` are showing up with the right date/time:


Screenshot 2018-01-15 19.58.56.png

As you can see this makes it really hard to monitor and track anything in YARN Applications view in Cloudera Manager.


Cloudera Manager express: 5.13.1

CDH: 5.13.1

Ubuntu Server 16.04

And I checked all the machines date/time to see if they are not sync. But unfortunately I can't find any issue in my cluster.



NOTE: there is only one similar issue here, but I guess he can't see any jobs even by

widening time window. (I can see jobs with wider time window 1-2yrs)




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