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Hi all,

Finaly and after almost 6 months I have found the solution!

It was always about my 1024 limitition remark, the row batch limitation was from BATCH_SIZE max value (1024), in the last versions (CDH 5.14/Impala 2.11) we have a new effective range is 1-65536.

So when I increase it throgh a odbc.ini with SSP_BATCH_SIZE I can benifit from increasing the other odbc parameters (RowsFetchedPerBlock / TSaslTransportBufSize) and the rows can be fetched in a seconds (~45 secs) instead of tens of minutes.

Remark: I have been recreated the cluster in 3 different server providers and tested the connections from almost 5 others with different ODBC/JDBC releases etc.. and always I have the same slowness until this update came.
I can not understand why I'm the only on declared this big issue and why no one can answer me, kowning that it's realy depressed to have a good quering engine but a veeeery slow fetch rows!

Any way, thanks all for your replies.

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Who agreed with this solution