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Accepted Solution
Host is not in contact with server




I have four node cluster, i was on holidays and after opening cluster , one of my node is constantly in bad health. Though things seems to be really fine. please see below error can anybody help me here ? I have already tried to check ports and assigned new ports as well but issue is still persistent


Health check message

This host has been out of contact with the Cloudera Manager Server for too long. This host is in contact with the Host Monitor. The host's Cloudera Manager Agent version matches the Host Monitor version (5.15.0).


From agent log

Monitor-HostMonitor filesystem_map WARNING Failed to join worker process collecting filesystem usage. All nodev filesystems will have unknown usage until the worker process is no longer active. Current nodev filesystems: /run,/dev/shm,/run/lock,/sys/fs/cgroup,/tmp,/run/user/0,/run/cloudera-scm-agent/process

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