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Spark 2.3 with Cloduera Version 6?

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I'm currently CDH 5.14 with Spark2, which uses the Spark CDS 2.3 (release 4).
I plan on upgrading to Cloudera Version 6, which I know uses CDS 2.2.  It's my understanding that before the upgrade I will need to remove Spark 2 via Cloduera Manager 

"If you are using a CDS 2 minor version higher than the version of Spark 2 included in the CDH 6 release you are upgrading to (2.2 in CDH 6.0.0), you must remove your Spark 2 services from Cloudera Manager."

As part of the upgrade, Spark2 CDS 2.2 would be installed.  At this point am I able to then re download the Service Descriptor for 2.3 (release 4) and upgrade to that?

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