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Change company information in support profile


Hello Team,


I have a situation here.

When I created my support profile using my company email address, it gave me an option to select a company as my company (i.e. xxxxx) have multiple support accounts. I selected the correct and relevant company i.e. (xxxx Group) for me and since then it was all working fine.


This morning when I logged in to the support portal, it automatically updated my company information to (xxx India) and now it does not allows me to go back to my original company selection.


Having company as (xxxx India) is irrelevant to my profile and due to this I have lost tracking and visibility to all the support cases raised with Cloudera under company (xxxxx Group).


Please help me to get my company information on my profile reverted to my original selection.


P.S.: All the other team members of my team still has their company selected as (xxxx Group).



Sunil M.

Who agreed with this topic