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ExecQueryFInstances rpc query_id=e74ef8d9b9215369:4994cbde00000000 failed


We have an end-user who runs queries usually with Impala/HUE.  He is receiving this error, which I assume will require some changes in tuning parameters.  But where do we start to investigate here?  The error message is:

ExecQueryFInstances rpc query_id=e74ef8d9b9215369:4994cbde00000000 failed: Failed to get minimum memory reservation of 68.00 MB on daemon for query e74ef8d9b9215369:4994cbde00000000 because it would exceed an applicable memory limit. Memory is likely oversubscribed. Reducing query concurrency or configuring admission control may help avoid this error. Memory usage: Process: Limit=97.35 GB Total=80.62 GB Peak=85.72 GB Buffer Pool: Free Buffers: Total=0 Buffer Pool: Clean Pages: Total=4.24 GB Buffer Pool: Unused Reservation: Total=-4.24 GB Free Disk IO Buffers: Total=1.41 GB Peak=1.99 GB RequestPool=root.hue: Total=78.60 GB Peak=82.56 GB Query(2f4b5cff11212907:886aa1400000000): Reservation=77.88 GB ReservationLimit=77.88 GB OtherMemory=731.77 MB Total=78.60 GB Peak=78.92 GB Query(e74ef8d9b9215369:4994cbde00000000): Reservation=0 ReservationLimit=77.88 GB OtherMemory=0 Total=0 Peak=0 RequestPool=root.mdevaan: Total=0 Peak=18.23 GB RequestPool=root.bergquist: Total=0 Peak=84.21 GB RequestPool=root.saqib: Total=0 Peak=8.93 GB Untracked Memory: Total=631.52 MB


Who agreed with this topic