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Out of the box, Cloudera Manager provides plenty of valuable health checks to highlight platform and service issues that may need to be addressed along with an intuitive interface for troubleshooting issues. Nevertheless, the greater the quantity of pipelines and processes the platform supports (especially at peak loads/times), the higher the probability that you would benefit from additional visibility into overall cluster performance. Cloudera offers additional CM dashboards


You can also augment those helpful Cloudera managers (CM) charts and additional dashboards by tapping into CM API calls to gain full visibility into your cluster-generated alerts. Doing so will provide an end-to-end customizable health alert monitoring system and enable you to:

  • Expand your visibility into historical service-level and cluster-level alerts
  • Automate manual monitoring activities
  • Track weekly and daily metrics, KPIs, and alert trends in dashboards (templates provided) 
  • Suppress noise
  • Find hidden patterns in recurring cluster issues to troubleshoot and diagnose more quickly and effectively  
  • Act promptly to resolve root-cause issues
  • Become more proactive with incident resolution 

Tools Required 


Solution Pattern


The implementation steps in the PDF will guide you to implement the API calls and build the dashboards. 


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