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Certification Update

Cloudera Employee

Cloudera Community Members, 


In October last year, I informed you about our temporary suspension for the delivery of Cloudera certification exams. This would allow us to re-platform the system used to conduct the tests. Our plan was to recommence exams from February 1, 2020.


Unfortunately, we are unable to keep this promise to you. As of writing, we do not yet have a new go-live date but please be assured that we are urgently working towards a new launch date. As soon as we have more information, we will inform you; our Certification FAQ will also be kept up to date.


We understand this delay impacts individuals who have been preparing for the exam and sincerely regret any further inconvenience this causes.


We appreciate your continued support of Cloudera certification and training programs.




Mark Morrissey

Senior Director, Cloudera Educational Services

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