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Here is the steps to access HBase UI through Knox. This is tried and tested with Ambari 2.4 and HDP2.5

1. Make sure Knox is configured properly and it works fine.

2. ssh to Knox gateway host and go to /var/lib/knox/data-

3. download the configurations from URL.

4. make sure your folder structure should look alike /var/lib/knox/data- and should have rewrite.xml and service.xml files

5. change the owner/Group permissions to Knox for /var/lib/knox/data- and subdirectory

6. Go to Knox configurations Modify "Advanced topology" with below service tag


7. Restart Knox service.

8. You should be able to access HBase UI from the below URL


Note: replace default with your correct 'identity-assertion'



Users would be filling in the explicit hostname here, correct? Not the literal string "HBASEMASTERHOST".


@amarnath reddy papp

how to set(where to get) the access user and password?


I would like to know the gateway host is my host IP, why every time I visit are overtime leading to the connection is not on
Cloudera Employee

If you're using the Knox demo LDAP server, then try guest/guest-password. If this is a production installation, then it will depend on your installation.

Expert Contributor

I followed this with HDP 2.6.5 and the HBaseUI became accessible in the given URL but has many errors and links not working inside.

I posted a question on how to fix this and then the answer resolving most of these issues here:

You are welcome to test this and include these fixes in your article if you find it appropriate.

Best regards

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