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Here is the steps to access HDFS UI through Knox. This is tried and tested with Ambari 2.4 and HDP2.5

1. Make sure Knox is configured properly and it works fine.

2. ssh to Knox gateway host and go to /var/lib/knox/data-

3. download the configurations from URL.

4. make sure your folder structure should look alike /var/lib/knox/data- and should have rewrite.xml and service.xml files

5. change the owner/Group permissions to Knox for /var/lib/knox/data- and subdirectory

6. Go to Knox configurations Modify "Advanced topology" with below service tag


7.Restart Knox service.

8. You should be able to access Name node UI from the below URL


Note: replace default with your correct 'identity-assertion'

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Even with disabled identity-assertion and latest rewrite.xml and service.xml from KNOX 0.11.0 browser (Firefox) still complains about

Error: Bootstrap requires jQuery (See WebDeveloper console in FF). Direct access with and same Browser works fine.

With KNOX the page is reachable but nothing is shown for the tabs like Overview, Datanodes etc.

To disable identity-assertion, the following was changed in the test topology:


? With this disabled identity-assertion other services like HIVE2 won't properly work anymore?!

May also related to (still not resolved yet)

Env: HDP 2.5 with Kerberos


Does this work with https?