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ETL With Lookups with Apache HBase and Apache NiFi

(Microservices Style ETL)

When we are ingesting tabular / record-oriented data, we often want to enrich the data by replacing ids with descriptions or visa-versa. There are many transformations that may need to happen before the data is in a happy state. When you are denormalizing your data in Hadoop and usually building very wide tables you often want descriptions or other data to enhance it's usability. Only one call to get everything you need is nice, especially when you have 100 trillion records.

We are utilizing a lot of things built already ( Make sure you read Abdelkrim's first 3 lookup articles. I added some fields to his generated data for testing.

I want to do my lookups against HBase which is a great NoSQL store for lookup tables and generate datasets.

First I created an HBase Table to use for lookups.

Create HBase Table For Lookups

create 'lookup_', 'family'

Table With Data

Most people would have a pre-populated table for lookups. I don't and since we are using a generator to build the lookup ids, I am building the lookup descriptions with a REST CALL at the same time. We could also have a flow that if you don't find the lookup add it, we could also have another flow ingesting the lookup values and add/update those when needed.

REST API To Generate Product Descriptions

I found this cool API that returns a sentence of meat words. I use this as our description, because MEAT!

Call the Bacon API!!!


Let's turn our plain text into a clean JSON document

Then I store it in HBase as my lookup table. You probably already have a lookup table. This is a demo and I am filling it with my generator. This is not a best practice or a good design pattern. This is a lazy way to populate a table.

Example Apache NiFi Flow (Using Apache NiFi 1.5)


Generate Some Test Data (


Generate A Json Document (Note the Empty prod_desc)

"ts" : "${now():format('yyyymmddHHMMSS')}",
"updated_dt" : "${now()}",
"id_store" : ${random():mod(5):toNumber():plus(1)},
"event_type" : "generated",
"uuid" : "${UUID()}",
"hostname" : "${hostname()}",
"ip" : "${ip()}",
"counter" : "${nextInt()}",
"id_transaction" : "${random():toString()}",
"id_product" : ${random():mod(500000):toNumber()},
"value_product" : ${now():toNumber()},
"prod_desc": ""

Lookup Your Record


This is the magic. We take in our records, in this case we are reading JSON records and writing JSON records, we could choose CSV, AVRO or others. We connect to the HBase Record Lookup Service. We replace the current prod_desc field in the record with what is returned by the lookup. We use the id_product field as the lookup key. There is nothing else needed to change records in stream.

HBase Record Lookup Service


HBase Client Service Used by HBase Record Lookup Service


We can use UpdateRecord to cleanup, transform or modify any field in the records in stream.



Original File

"ts" : "201856271804499",
"updated_dt" : "Fri Apr 27 18:56:15 UTC 2018",
"id_store" : 1,
"event_type" : "generated",
"uuid" : "0d16967d-102d-4864-b55a-3f1cb224a0a6",
"hostname" : "princeton1",
"ip" : "",
"counter" : "7463",
"id_transaction" : "5307056748245491959",
"id_product" : 430672,
"value_product" : 1524855375500,
"prod_desc": ""

Final File (Note we have populated prod_desc with MEAT!)

[ {
  "ts" : "201856271804499",
  "prod_desc" : "Pork chop leberkas brisket chuck, filet mignon turducken hamburger.",
  "updated_dt" : "Fri Apr 27 18:56:15 UTC 2018",
  "id_store" : 1,
  "event_type" : "generated",
  "uuid" : "0d16967d-102d-4864-b55a-3f1cb224a0a6",
  "hostname" : "princeton1",
  "ip" : "",
  "counter" : "7463",
  "id_transaction" : "5307056748245491959",
  "id_product" : 430672,
  "value_product" : 1524855375500
} ]


For those wishing to not include meat in their data, there are alternatives:

Example Flow


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