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In addition to authentication and access control, data encryption adds a robust layer of security, by making data unreadable in transit over the network or at rest on a disk.

Encryption helps protect sensitive data, in the case of an external breach or unauthorized access by privileged users. The automation of this task is expected to save close to 4-6 hours of manual intervention per occurrence.

It can be used as a disaster recovery custom solution.

Github link for the code:

Script (common code) location:


Under root@cluster1 /root/scripts/dataCopy/


Under root@cluster2 /root/scripts/dataCopy/


Scenario1: For copying encrypted hdfs folder from cluster2 to cluster1 Example folder name: /tmp/zone_encr_test encrypted with key “testKey123”

In cluster2:

sudo su root

cd /root/scripts/dataCopy/

./ export keys

After above execution finishes:

In cluster1:

sudo su root

cd /root/scripts/dataCopy/

./ import keys

After above execution finishes:

./ create /tmp/zone_encr_test testKey123

After above execution finishes:

In cluster2:

sudo su root

cd /root/scripts/dataCopy/

./ export /tmp/zone_encr_test

Glossary: Quick set up of HDFS encryption zone

How to set up an encryption zone:

sudo su hdfs hdfs dfs -mkdir /tmp/zone_encr_test

hdfs crypto -createZone -keyName testKey123 -path /tmp/zone_encr_test

hdfs crypto -listZones

hdfs dfs -chown -R hive:hdfs /tmp/zone_encr_test


sudo su hive hdfs dfs -chmod -R 750 /tmp/zone_encr_test

hdfs dfs -copyFromLocal /home/hive/encr_file.txt /tmp/zone_encr_test

hdfs dfs -cat /tmp/zone_encr_test/encr_file.txt


sudo su hdfs hdfs dfs -cat /tmp/zone_encr_test/encr_file.txt

NOTE: The above command will fail although it ran as hdfs superuser

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