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Current on version HDP-2.6.x - Ambari-2.5.x if the zookeeper principal name is changed or customized manual changes are required for HDFS, Yarn and Ambari-Infra.

In Ambari - config - for yarn and HDFS:

YARN_OPTS="-Dzookeeper.sasl.client=true -Dzookeeper.sasl.client.username=sand-box-zookeeper -Dzookeeper.sasl.clientconfig=Client $YARN_OPTS" 


export HADOOP_ZKFC_OPTS="-Dzookeeper.sasl.client=true -Dzookeeper.sasl.client.username=sandbox-zookeeper -Dzookeeper.sasl.clientconfig=Client $HADOOP_ZKFC_OPTS" 
For Ambari-Infra/Solr edit /usr/lib/ambari-infra-solr-client/

PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH $JVM -classpath "$sdir:$sdir/libs/*" -Dzookeeper.sasl.client.username=sandbox-zookeeper org.apache.ambari.logsearch.solr.AmbariSolrCloudCLI ${1+"$@"} 
edit /usr/lib/ambari-infra-solr/bin/solr
#add lines below to bottom of script 
ADDITIONAL_CMD_OPTS="$ADDITIONAL_CMD_OPTS -Dzookeeper.sasl.client.username=hcedhp02-zookeeper" 
launch_solr "$FG" "$ADDITIONAL_CMD_OPTS"

These services will now restart correctly and use your custom zookeeper principal name for the client connection.

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