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DEBUG [master:hbasrmaster01:60000.oldLogCleaner] master.ReplicationLogCleaner: Found log in ZK, keeping:

The duration for which WAL files are kept is controlled by hbase.master.logcleaner.ttl - default is 10 minutes.

If the replication peer can be dropped (for longer than the above config value), WAL files would be cleaned. After that the replication peer can be added back.

Issue: Hbase OldWAL's in /apps/hbase/data/oldWALs not getting deleted

Root Cause: Hbase had a peer that prevents the deletion of old files.

In hbase shell:

To List Peers: list_peers

To Disable Peers: disable_peer("1")

To Remove Peer: remove_peer ("1")

List agin to verify removal: list_peers

Next tail the Hbase Master log file to ensure the deletion was working.

Also look at hbase replication folder in hdfs.

Lastly we re-added the peer:

add_peer '<n>', "slave.zookeeper.quorum:zookeeper.clientport.:zookeeper.znode.parent"

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