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LLAP Service sometimes may fail to startup after HDP upgrade with the following error: 



Caused by: failure to login: for principal: hive/ from keytab /grid/0/yarn/local/usercache/hive/appcache/application_**********/container_***********_01_000001/keytabs/llap0.keytab Pre-authentication information was invalid (24)


To resolve this issue, run the following command and start LLAP: 

yarn app -destroy llap0

If the issue persists, then do the following


  1. Check the hive.service.keytab file is available in all the hosts, run kinit and test the connectivity.
  2. If the file is missing, recreate the keytabs on the missing hosts either through Ambari or manually (see this article for manual keytab creation).
  3. Verify the file in HDFS and copy it to the local. Perform kinit with the copied keytab.
    hdfs dfs -copyToLocal /user/hive/.yarn/keytabs/hive/hive.service.keytab /tmp/hive.keytab

    kinit -kt /tmp/hive.keytab hive/
    kinit: Preauthentication failed while getting initial credentials
  4.  If you get the error, to move the keytab file from hdfs location.
    hdfs dfs -cp /user/hive/.yarn/keytabs/hive/hive.service.keytab /tmp/
    hdfs dfs -rm /user/hive/.yarn/keytabs/hive/hive.service.keytab
  5. Start LLAP component.



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