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Note: The ODBC connector is supported for Windows version of Tableau only.

  1. Download Hortonworks driver from the link below
    1. Chose Hortonworks ODBC Driver for Apache Hive (v2.1.10) from Hortonworks Data Platform Add-Ons section (Tested Windows 64 bit)
    2. Download and run/install the driver.
  2. Create a Data Source Name in ODBC Administrator:
    1. Open Data Sources (ODBC) from Control Panel/Administrative Tools.
    2. Highlight "Sample Hortonworks Hive DSN" from System DSN tab and click "Configure" button
    3. Enter the following info
      1. Host(s): <HOST_NAME>
      2. Port: <PORT>
      3. Database: Default
      4. Mechanism: select "User name password" from dropdown
      5. User name: <USER_NAME>
      6. Password: <PASSWORD>
      7. Delegation UID:
      8. Thrift Transport: select "HTTP" from dropdown
    4. Click on HTTP Options
      1. HTTP Path: gateway/default/hive
    5. Click on SSL Options
      1. Check "Enable SSL" checkbox
      2. Check "Allow Common name host name mismatch" checkbox - This option specifies whether a CA-issued SSL certificate name must match the host name of the Hive server
      3. Trusted Certificates: The full path of the .pem file containing trusted CA certificates for verifying the server when using SSL.
    6. Click "Test" on the bottom of the dialog box to test
    7. Once successful, click "OK" button

From Tableau

  1. On the Connect screen
    1. Click "More ..." from "To a Server" section
    2. Choose "Other Databases (ODBC)"
      1. DSN: Choose "Sample Hortonworks Hive DSN" from dropdown
      2. Click "Connect" button. (Once connected, "Connection Attributes" section will be activated/enabled)
    3. On the Connection Attributes Section
      1. Server: <HOST_NAME>
      2. Port: <PORT>
      3. Database: Default
      4. Username: <USER_NAME>
      5. Password: <PASSWORD>
      6. Click on "Sign In"

@Avinash Makey ...Can you please guide on how to connect to Tableau in environments without SSL connection.


Did you try without checking "Enable SSL" option?

New Contributor


I am trying to connect to Hive DB to Tableau.

I have Hive DB in HDFS in a Linux VM and Tableau Desktop installed on my Windows machine.

I am getting below error when I try to create ODBC Data Source. 


[Cloudera][DriverSupport] (1110) Unexpected response received from server. Please ensure the server host and port specified for the connection are correct and confirm if SSL should be enabled for the connection.


What could be the reason behind the error?

Could it be because the Hive Server is not running? 

The VM in Running and when I execute a select query on VM I am getting the table from Hive in linux. 

Do we need to start the HiveServer2 explicitly? If yes, what is the syntax?

I tried using 

hive --service hiveserver2

but the VM is going in to hung state. 


Kindly help

New Contributor



Just wondering if  HPKakade issue every got resolved.


I'm experiencing a similar issue when I try to connect in Python via pyodbc.