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How to enable Performance logging in Atlas, where we can track each search time like time taken to get any entities or to get linegae info. It helps while debugging if Atlas UI or API is taking long time to get results. We can check which phase is taking long time and debug accordingly.

Example :

2016-12-20 14:24:02,344|qtp1381713434-59648 - ce3e660e-bdcb-4656-805d-7a99d0b9ddb6|PERF|EntityResource.getEntityDefinition()|452

2016-12-20 14:24:02,432|qtp1381713434-59901 - d15c9039-945a-4a87-abf2-017fdde22ad6|PERF|EntityResource.getEntityDefinition()|6

2016-12-20 14:24:02,553|qtp1381713434-59893 - d9624e31-6c1f-4900-8269-e9f14dfb0a09|PERF|EntityResource.getAuditEvents(03b90ea3-a307-4cfd-ba93-79a2a7cbadf8, null, 26)|117

2016-12-20 14:24:02,643|qtp1381713434-59896 - 775b3108-49e4-4c69-af65-b028a21b26b3|PERF|LineageResource.schema(03b90ea3-a307-4cfd-ba93-79a2a7cbadf8)|207

2016-12-20 14:24:03,176|qtp1381713434-59894 - 98047e2d-181b-4a41-bdf1-4d273a4cc7a3|PERF|LineageResource.inputsGraph(03b90ea3-a307-4cfd-ba93-79a2a7cbadf8)|750

2016-12-20 14:24:03,936|qtp1381713434-59857 - 1dff70bd-03d8-4f42-a294-440cd19e4d41|PERF|LineageResource.outputsGraph(03b90ea3-a307-4cfd-ba93-79a2a7cbadf8)|732

2016-12-20 14:26:48,452|NotificationHookConsumer thread-0|PERF|EntityResource.deleteEntities()|2184


1. Go to Ambari -> Atlas -> Config -> Advanced -> Atlas-log4j and add the following in atlas-log4j from Ambari

<appender name="perf_appender">

<param name="file" value="${atlas.log.dir}/atlas_perf.log" />

<param name="datePattern" value="'.'yyyy-MM-dd" />

<param name="append" value="true" />


<param name="ConversionPattern" value="%d|%t|%m%n" />



<logger name="org.apache.atlas.perf" additivity="false">

<level value="debug" />

<appender-ref ref="perf_appender" />


2. Save your config changes and do the required restarts (Restart Atlas) .

3. You should be seeing performance logging in /var/log/atlas/atlas_perf.log

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I did everything as indicated here, but nothing is written to the file /var/log/atlas/atlas_perf.log (the file exists but is empty)

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