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This is a simple command that can be used to run via a browser to change the log level without needing a restart.

For Hbase Master:
http://<SERVER-HOSTNAME>:16010/logLevel?log=org.apache.hadoop.hbase& level=<DESIRED-LOG-LEVEL>
For HBase Region Server:
http://<SERVER-HOSTNAME>:16030/logLevel?log=org.apache.hadoop.hbase& level=<DESIRED-LOG-LEVEL>

Please make sure there is no space between '&' and 'level'. There seems to be a formatting issue in HCC because of which a space was introduced in the syntax.
<SERVER-HOSTNAME> : Represents the hostname of the server where the daemon is running.
<DESIRED-LOG-LEVEL>: Represent the log level that is desired by the user to have. Ex. INFO, DEBUG,..
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