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1) Enable MQTT extension

Please reference


2) Common Processor Properties

Broker URI: The URI to use to connect to the MQTT broker

Session state: Whether to start afresh or resume previous flows, default to true

Client ID: MQTT client ID to use

Username: Username to use when connecting to the broker

Password: Password to use when connecting to the broker

Keep Alive Interval: Defines the maximum time interval between messages sent or receive, default to 60 sec

Connection Timeout: Maximum time interval the client will wait for the network connection to the MQTT server, default to 30 sec

Quality of Service: The Quality of Service(QoS) to send the message with. Accepts three values 0, 1, 2

Topic: The topic to publish or subscribe the message

3) PublishMQTT Processor Properties

Retain: Retain MQTT published record in broker, default to false

Max Flow Segment Size: Maximum flow content payload segment size for the MQTT record

4) Relationships

success: Any FlowFile that is successfully sent to/received from MQTT will be routed to this Relationship

failure: Any FlowFile that cannot be sent to MQTT will be routed to this Relationship

5) Please refer to for MQTT broker

6) Please refer to for libmqtt extension

7) Please refer to for latest MQTT spec