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If you are getting below error while refreshing client configs via Ambari UI then here are the steps to fix it!


1. Remove KERBEROS_CLIENT for problematic hosts using below curl call

curl -H "X-Requested-By:ambari"-u admin:admin -X DELETE "http://<AMBARI-SERVER>:8080/api/v1/clusters/<cluster-name>/hosts/<host-name>/host_components/KERBEROS_CLIENT"

2. Ensure from Ambari UI that KERBEROS_CLIENT got removed.

3. From Ambari UI --> goto the problematic host --> click on Add button --> select Kerberos Client


4. Installation should complete without any issue.


@Kuldeep Kulkarni I encountered similar issue with HDFS_CLIENT, I've successfully deleted the client using curl call as mentioned in your post. But, Installation of HDFS_CLIENT stuck at:

2017-01-24 08:44:43,873 - Package['unzip'] {}

And installation failed with following error message: stderr: /var/lib/ambari-agent/data/errors-2631.txt

Python script has been killed due to timeout after waiting 1800 secs

Could you please suggest me some pointers?

@Kuldeep Mishra

It looks like problem with "yum" utility while installing package - unzip.

Can you please login to the said node and try installing 'unzip' from backend using below commands?

#Command 1
yum clean all
#Command 2
yum install unzip

Once above command succeeds, please retry an operation from Ambari.

@Kuldeep Kulkarni,

Yes it was a problem with my rpm command, that's why yum hung. I rebuild rpmdb and everything working fine now.

thanks a ton. 🙂

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