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Cloudera Employee

In the CDP DC cluster, once you use the AMToCM migration script to migrate all configurations, you will not be able to fetch a yarn application logs from the command line when using the following command:

$yarn logs -applicationId application_160120642
WARNING: YARN_OPTS has been replaced by HADOOP_OPTS. Using value of YARN_OPTS.
No class configured for IndexedFormat
Can not find any log file matching the pattern: [ALL] for the application: application_1601206427676_0011
Can not find the logs for the application: application_1601206427676_0011 with the appOwner: hive

This issue occurs because the yarn.log-aggregation.file-formats gets updated with the IndexedFormat configuration during the AMtoCM migration.


To resolve this issue, change it to the ifile and Tfile

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 5.36.31 PM.png

Once you change the configuration as mentioned in the above image, save and restart the yarn service, you will able to fetch the yarn logs using the command line. 



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