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- Please follow steps mentioned in below link in order to get the list of provenance event id's :

Nifi- how to get provenance event id in nifi?

- In order to get more information about a specific event :

For Nifi running in Standalone mode :

# curl -i -X GET http://<hostname>:9090/nifi-api/provenance-events/id

For Nifi running in clustered mode:

# curl -i -X GET http://<hostname>:9090/nifi-api/provenance-events/id?clusterNodeId=<NODE UUID>   

There may be multiple events with the same event id(one on each node), so you need to specify from which node you want to return that specific event.

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thanks @amankumbare

could you please add how you would access the API in a secure NiFi environment - getting a token first, then use the token to access the provenance events.

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Here u go

Open bash script and put the info


url="https://<you environment>:9091/nifi-api/"
accept_header="Accept: application/json"
content_type="Content-Type: application/json"
data="username=<your user name>&password=<your password"

rm -rf /tmp/a

curl -k -X POST "${url}${end_point}" -H "${url_encoded}" --data "${data}" > /tmp/a
token=`cat /tmp/a`
bearer="Authorization: Bearer ${token}"
# Now you are all set to run the curl commands
# Get root id
curl -k -X GET "${url}${end_point}" -H "${content_type}" -H "${bearer}"
# Get all the components under root which includes all processgroups, process, controller service, connections and everything.   
# NOTE: the identifier id WILL NOT MATCH your NIFI id.  They are different.  but this is one stop for full automation
curl -k -X GET "${url}${end_point}" -H "${content_type}" -H "${bearer}"
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