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In this example, I am importing encryption keys from HDP 3.1.5 cluster to an HDP 2.6.5 cluster.

  1. Create key "testkey" in Ranger KMS HDP 3.1.5 cluster with steps: List and Create Keys. In HDP 3.1.5, the current master key is:mugdha_0-1632161753061.pngEncryption Key:mugdha_1-1632161865308.png
  2. Create an encryption zone with the "testkey":


[hdfs@c241-node3 ~]$ hdfs crypto -createZone -keyName testkey -path
Added encryption zone /testEncryptionZone


  • List to confirm the zone and keys:


[hdfs@c241-node3 ~]$ hdfs crypto -listZones
/testEncryptionZone testkey


  • Export the keys:
    1. Log in to KMS host
    2. export java home
    3. cd /usr/hdp/current/ranger-kms
    4. ./ $filename
      The output will look as follows:


[root@c241-node3 ranger-kms]# export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.8.0-openjdk-

[root@c241-node3 ranger-kms]# ./ /tmp/hdp315keys.keystore
Enter Password for the keystore FILE :
Enter Password for the KEY(s) stored in the keystore:
Keys from Ranger KMS Database has been successfully exported into




On to the HDP 2.6.5 cluster where we need to import the keys, do the following:

  1. Log in to KMS host
  2. Add org.apache.hadoop.crypto.key.**; in the property jceks.key.serialFilter. This needs to be changed in the following file on KMS host only:



After the change, the entry in the file should look like this:

jceks.key.serialFilter = java.lang.Enum;;\$Type;javax.crypto.spec.SecretKeySpec;org.apache.hadoop.crypto.k


  • cd /usr/hdp/current/ranger-kms/
  • Run ./ $filename JCEKS
    The output looks like this:


[root@c441-node3 ranger-kms]# export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.8.0-openjdk-

[root@c441-node3 ranger-kms]# export RANGER_KMS_HOME=/usr/hdp/
[root@c441-node3 ranger-kms]# export RANGER_KMS_CONF=/etc/ranger/kms/conf
[root@c441-node3 ranger-kms]# export SQL_CONNECTOR_JAR=/var/lib/ambariagent/

[root@c441-node3 security]# cd /usr/hdp/current/ranger-kms/

[root@c441-node3 ranger-kms]# ./ /tmp/hdp315keys.keystore JCEKS
Enter Password for the keystore FILE :
Enter Password for the KEY(s) stored in the keystore:
2021-08-12 23:58:06,729 ERROR RangerKMSDB - DB Flavor could not be determined
Keys from /tmp/hdp315keys.keystore has been successfully imported into RangerDB.​


  • To confirm that the encryption keys are imported, in DB of HDP 2.6.5 cluster, check the ranger_keystore table for the entry for "testkey".mugdha_2-1632163650926.png
  • Also, check if the master key in HDP 2.6.5 is untouched; it is the same which Ranger KMS created:mugdha_3-1632163703172.png
  • Now create an encryption zone in HDP 2.6.5 with the imported key:


[hdfs@c441-node3 ~]$ hdfs dfs -mkdir /testEncryptionZone-265

[hdfs@c441-node3 ~]$ hdfs crypto -createZone -keyName testkey -path
Added encryption zone /testEncryptionZone-265


  • Confirm the zone and keys:


[hdfs@c441-node3 ~]$ hdfs crypto -listZones
/testEncryptionZone-265 testkey


  • Now for the distcp, note that it needs to have /.reserved/raw before the encryption zone path and -px option. Command:


hadoop distcp -px /.reserved/raw/$encryptionZonePath/filename


  • Check this document link to read about these options: Configuring Apache HDFS Encryption 
    Following is the output of distcp. It is truncated but shows copied file.
    Note that the skipCRC is false.


[hdfs@c241-node3 ~]$ hadoop distcp -px /.reserved/raw/testEncryptionZone/text.txt
ERROR: Tools helper /usr/hdp/ was
not found.
21/08/13 01:52:58 INFO tools.DistCp: Input Options:
DistCpOptions{atomicCommit=false, syncFolder=false, deleteMissing=false,
ignoreFailures=false, overwrite=false, append=false, useDiff=false, useRdiff=false,
fromSnapshot=null, toSnapshot=null, skipCRC=false, blocking=true,
numListstatusThreads=0, maxMaps=20, mapBandwidth=0.0, copyStrategy='uniformsize',
preserveStatus=[XATTR], atomicWorkPath=null, logPath=null, sourceFileListing=null,
filtersFile='null', blocksPerChunk=0, copyBufferSize=8192, verboseLog=false,
directWrite=false}, sourcePaths=[/.reserved/raw/testEncryptionZone/text.txt],
targetPathExists=true, preserveRawXattrsfalse
21/08/13 01:52:59 INFO tools.SimpleCopyListing: Paths (files+dirs) cnt = 1; dirCnt
= 0
21/08/13 01:52:59 INFO tools.SimpleCopyListing: Build file listing completed.
21/08/13 01:52:59 INFO tools.DistCp: Number of paths in the copy list: 1
21/08/13 01:52:59 INFO tools.DistCp: Number of paths in the copy list: 1
DistCp Counters
Bandwidth in Btyes=21
Bytes Copied=21
Bytes Expected=21
Files Copied=1




Another question that came up - what happens to old keys when I import a new key? It just gets added to the existing keys. Here is a screenshot: