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Cloudera Employee

Affected versions:

SmartSense 1.2.x, 1.3.x with Ambari lower than 2.4.1


Users / Groups are pre-created before setting up the cluster.

As such, ignore_groupsusers_create needs to be set to true so groups are not modified when services are added.

This works fine for all components except smartsense which fails with error performing usermod :

Execution of 'usermod -G -adp-hdfs -g adp-hadoop adp-xxxx' returned 6.  usermod: group 'adp-hdfs' does not exist

This group does NOT exist.

Note, within the stdout you do actually see the following message:

Skipping creation of User and
Group as host is sys prepped or ignore_groupusers_create flag is on


The “ignore_groupsusers_create” configurations was not considered while adding / installing SmartSense service.


New fix is available in Ambari or higher. Upgrade is the cleanest solution in this case.

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