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If you have ever tried to spawn multiple cloudbreak shells you may have run into an error. That is because the default "cbd util cloudbreak-shell" uses docker containers. The fastest work around of this is to use the Jars directly. These Jars can be remotely run from your personal machine or run on the cloudbreak machine itself.

Prepping the cloudbreak machine(only needed if running jars locally on the AWS image)

  • Log into your cloudbreak instance and go to /etc/yum.repos.d
  • Remove the Centos-Base.repo file (this is a redhat machine and this can cause conflicts)
  • Install java-8 (yum install java-1.8.0*)
  • Change directory back to /home/cloudbreak

Downloading the Jar

Using the Jar

  • Interactive mode (java -jar ./cloudbreak-shell.jar --cloudbreak.address=https://<your-public-hostname> --sequenceiq.password=cloudbreak --cert.validation=false)
  • Using a command file (java -jar ./cloudbreak-shell.jar --cloudbreak.address=https://<your-public-hostname> --sequenceiq.password=cloudbreak --cert.validation=false --cmdfile=<your-FILE>)