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There are new Data Visualization, Data Explorer tabs that come part of Hive view which are really nice. I found this by accident so thought there may be others who are probably not aware of this either.

Environment details: Should work in vanilla cluster/sandbox as well but in my case the env is as below (setup using steps here😞

  • Kerborized HDP 2.3.2 w/ Ranger installed
  • Secure Ambari 2.1.2 (authenticating to users in IPA LDAP)
  • The sample salary data from sandbox has also been imported and was used for visualization

1. After logging to Ambari 2.1.2, open the Hive view (in this case I had to create a new instance of the view configured for kerberos).


2. Click the Data Visualization tab on the right and drag/drop description and salary fields onto x, y fields


3. Select from the various chart options to change the chart


4. Click transpose button:


5. Navigate to Data Explorer tab to explore your data using the different fields


So all in all: visualizations look good, are responsive (at least on this dataset), and seem to work without issue on kerborized cluster!


Thanks for the article! Have you tested the visualization with bigger datasets as well? I am curious how the UI works with bigger datasets or queries that need some time to calculate.

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Ali, in step #2, it should read 'on the right', currently guides a reader to the left and is misleading.


@Andrew Grande thanks updated.

@Jonas Straub no haven't tested it on larger datasets yet - almost afraid to 😉


Same happened to me. I was shoing ambari views after a cluster installation to a prospect and prospect clicked on the Data Visualization tab. I said: WOW!!!! I haven't seen this before!!! Good stuff!


Excellent! Not only is it a great feature but it shows how quickly Ambari views are improving & adding functionality.

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Excellent @Ali Bajwa