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The Apache Nifi community recently released the beta version of Apache Nifi 1.0.0. This version comes with significant updates, which include a UI refresh, transition to zero master clustering, added multi-tenant authorization, and templates that are now deterministically ordered allowing for version controlled templates! The beta also boasts nine new processors, bringing the total to 165. The full list of release notes can be found here.

Below I will do a very basic walkthrough of some of the UI changes from 0.7.0 to the 1.0.0 beta:

Original Apache Nifi 0.7.0 Flow


New Apache Nifi 1.0.0 Beta


Outside of the more modernized look and feel, there are some key UI Changes:

  • (1) Apache Nifi 1.0.0 beta now includes a status bar showing statistics of the overall flow, including bytes in and out, number of started and stopped processors, processors in error, last refresh, etc.
  • (2) The beta also has new collapsable navigation and operation panes


  • (3) There's a new drop down menu where you can access information like flow summary, provenance, and the bulletin board (e.g., error messages).


  • (4) The search field is much more prominent now and allows users to search through complex flows to quickly find and jump-to processor and other elements on the flow