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The Phoenix documentation here leaves out a few pieces in order to make a successful connection to HBase, through the Phoenix Driver. They assume that the connection is from the 'localhost'. May work great, but that's unlikely in the real world.

Required Jars

phoenix-client.jar hbase-client.jar (not mentioned in the Phoenix Docs)

URL Details

The full adbc connection URL syntax for phoenix is:

Basic Connections jdbc:phoneix[:zk_quorum][:zk_port][:zk_hbase_path]

The "zk_quorum" is a comma separated list of the ZooKeeper Servers.

The "zk_port" is the ZooKeeper port.

The "zk_hbase_path" is the path used by Hbase to stop information about the instance. On a 'non' kerberized cluster the default zk_hbase_path for HDP is '/hbase-unsecure'.

For Kerberos Cluster Connections

They say that the above items in the url beyond 'phoenix' are optional if the clusters 'hbase-site.xml' file is in the path. I found that when I presented a copy of the 'hbase-site.xml' from the cluster and left off the optional elements, I got errors referencing 'Failed to create local dir'.

When I connected successfully from DBVisualizer to HBase with the Phoenix JDBC Driver, it took about 10-20 seconds to connect.


Hey @David Streever

I think you have the ordering of keytab and principal in the URL reversed. Per the code, it reads the principal and then the keytab.

Not applicable

How can i pass reference of hbase-site.xml file in Phoenix JDBC java code?


I think this is for thick driver since thin one does not require HBase client jar.

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