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Now that we have the baseline configuration in place for KnoxSSO, as documented in part I of the series, we are ready to configure single sign-on for Ranger. This is a nice convenience for administrators that live in both Ambari and Ranger as part of their daily platform activities. It is also a security improvement relative to local passwords.

To configure Ranger for KnoxSSO, we'll need the public key for Knox. Recall that there are a few ways to obtain this, we'll use the following.

openssl s_client -connect ${knoxserver}:8443 < /dev/null | openssl x509 -out /tmp/knox.crt

You'll want to copy the base64 data between BEGIN CERTIFICATE and END CERTIFICATE lines.

We're now ready to configure Ranger:


All we need to configure is the Knox SSO provider URL and the SSO public key. The SSO public key is the copied data we just discussed from the Knox certificate.

The SSO provider URL is the URL we configured in part I that corresponds to the Knox SSO topology.

Now let's try to log in to Ranger using the Quick Link from Ambari. You should be seamlessly logged in as the user that authenticated to the IdP!