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SYMPTOM: HDP upgrade failed on "Finalize". Tried setting the version manually using below command which was failing -

ambari-server set-current --cluster-name=<ClusterName> --version-display-name=HDP-

ERROR: Please find error screenshot below -


ROOT CAUSE: There was issue with the last "request_id" which was run by Express upgrade process. you can check the last request_id from ambari DB from table name "host_role_command"


1. Backup the ambari DB

2. Find the last "request_id" from table "host_role_command" and check the status of the request_id.

3. In my case the status was "Failed"

4. Modifying the status of the request_id from "FAILED" to "COMPLETED" and restart ambari server.

5. Try running the command again

ambari-server set-current --cluster-name=<ClusterName> --version-display-name=HDP-

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