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Setting Up a Data Science Platform on HDP using Anaconda


Building a Data Science Platform using Anaconda needs to be able to

  • Launch PySpark jobs on the cluster
  • Synchronize python libraries from vetted public repositories
  • Isolate environments with specific dependencies to run production jobs using an older version of a package whilst simultaneously running new version of the package
  • Launching notebooks and PySpark jobs using different kernels such as Python_2.7, Python_3.x, R, Scala

Framework of the Data Science Platform

  • Private Repo Server
  • Edge Nodes
    • Dev
    • Test
    • Prod
    • Ansible
    • Git
    • Jenkins

Building blocks of the Data Science Platform

  • Anaconda
  • Ansible
  • Git
  • Jenkins
New Contributor

And how to implement this, step how to install? how to install on existing HDP cluster?

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