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While trying to perform an import/export data from/to MS Parallel Data Warehouse following error is observed

Sqoop Command Output:

sqoop export --connect "jdbc:sqlserver://<DB_URL>:<PORT>;database=<DB_NAME>; --driver --username <USERNAME> --password ***--table "<TB_NAME>" --input-fields-terminated-by ',' --export-dir <EXPORT_DIR> -m 1 
/usr/hdp/ line 23: HADOOP_CLASSPATH=${hcat -classpath}: bad substitution
Warning: /usr/hdp/ does not exist! Accumulo imports will fail.
Please set $ACCUMULO_HOME to the root of your Accumulo installation.
SLF4J: Class path contains multiple SLF4J bindings.
SLF4J: Found binding in [jar:file:/usr/hdp/!/org/slf4j/impl/StaticLoggerBinder.class]
SLF4J: Found binding in [jar:file:/usr/hdp/!/org/slf4j/impl/StaticLoggerBinder.class]
SLF4J: See for an explanation.
SLF4J: Actual binding is of type [org.slf4j.impl.Log4jLoggerFactory]
17/09/12 13:14:07 INFO sqoop.Sqoop: Running Sqoop version:
17/09/12 13:14:07 WARN tool.BaseSqoopTool: Setting your password on the command-line is insecure. Consider using -P instead.
17/09/12 13:14:07 WARN sqoop.ConnFactory: Parameter --driver is set to an explicit driver however appropriate connection manager is not being set (via --connection-manager). Sqoop is going to fall back to org.apache.sqoop.manager.GenericJdbcManager. Please specify explicitly which connection manager should be used next time.
17/09/12 13:14:07 INFO manager.SqlManager: Using default fetchSize of 1000
17/09/12 13:14:07 INFO tool.CodeGenTool: Beginning code generation
17/09/12 13:14:08 ERROR manager.SqlManager: Error executing statement: Setting IsolationLevel to ReadCommitted is not supported.


This is because databases like PDW have don't accept READ COMMITTED isolation level. Relaxed isolation fails in this case.
The isolation for metadata queries doesn't set the transaction isolation level or make it mutable.
This issue has been fixed in following apache jira


This issue can be fixed by upgrading to HDP 2.5.5 version and above.


@akapratwar @VidyaSargur we are using HDP 2.6.3 but still seeing the same issue. Do we have a workaround for this.


Sqoop command arguments :



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