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SYMPTOM: Created a user in Ranger. User is visible in ranger DB but not visible in Ranger UI

ERROR: Logged into mysql DB and executed below command -

SELECT * FROM ranger.x_user where user_name in ('userA');

==> This shows the user exist in x_user table.

SELECT * FROM ranger.x_portal_user where user_name in ('userA');

==> The user is also present in x_portal_user

ROOT CAUSE: Suspected corruption on Ranger DB sometimes.

RESOLUTION: Executing below command resolved the issue

>INSERT INTO x_portal_user_role VALUES(NULL,'2016-09-09 00:00:00','2016-09-09 00:00:00',1,1,(SELECT id FROM x_portal_user WHERE login_id='XXXX'),'ROLE_USER',1); 

Replace XXXX with the login_id of the user ('userA') You can replace 'ROLE_USER' with 'ROLE_SYS_ADMIN' if you want it to be an admin

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