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Navigating the Cloudera Community Reputation Program

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We love to recognize community members who display their contributions to the Cloudera Community! With our Community Reputation Program, you will be able to collect and show off all badges or rank up to new levels. 

We have introduced enhancements to our community ranking structure that make it easier to climb up the ranks. We have simplified the process of earning points and enabled you to reach higher levels faster.


What is the Cloudera Community Reputation Program?

The Cloudera Community Reputation Program is a system designed to recognize and reward community members for their contributions and engagement within the Cloudera Community platform.

What are the key components of the Reputation Program?

The Reputation Program comprises community ranks, badges, and leaderboards. The community platform acknowledges your contributions and engagement by asking questions, replying to others, giving and receiving kudos, and providing valued solutions.

How does the Rank Structure work in the Reputation Program?

Ranks reflect your status within the community, and your contributions add up to your rank advancement. You can go from a New Member to a seasoned Guru or Mentor by participating in our forums and helping other members. 

How can I determine my current rank in the community?

An icon next to your username indicates your current rank. This icon changes as your contributions and engagement within the community increase.  Check out the chart for a complete list of our ranks and corresponding icons.


How can I advance in rank within the Reputation Program?

To advance in rank, actively contribute to the Cloudera Community The more substantive your contributions, the higher your rank. Simple interactions and useful input will still contribute to your rankings, but advanced, well-rounded contributions really boost your rank. Check out an example of many ways in which you can move up!


Do community contributions also earn badges? 

Yes, contributions to the community earn you badges. 

Badges are a great way to be recognized for contributions to community discussions and questions. Additionally, badges may have different colors assigned by level to show your progression in certain community tasks, from beginner to advanced. Each badge group has a level from 1 to 5 (with the exception of solutions, which go up to 7). You’ll start out with beginner badges and progress to advanced. 


The colors will go from gray to mint to orange, as seen below in the progression.


For example:


How do I find my badges?

To check your badges, go to your Community profile page (you can do that by clicking “Community Profile” in the top menu when you are signed in) and scroll down to “Community Badges”.


How is rank advancement different from earning badges?

Rank advancement is primarily based on your overall contributions and engagement within the Cloudera community. In contrast, badges are earned for specific actions or achievements, and they may have different levels based on the number of times you perform these actions.

What are the leaderboards in the Cloudera Community Reputation Program, and what do they recognize?

Leaderboards promote a little friendly competition and highlight community members who are providing the most valued solutions and quality content. Instead of a single leaderboard, we now have the following: 

The individual leaderboards are sorted by the last 30 days of contributions. You can change the time range to the last day, last week, or even "All Time". 

Got more questions?

Get in touch with the Cloudera Community Team at They are there to help and support community members who contribute, ask questions, and share their expertise to grow the collective knowledge within the community.


Thank you for helping us continue to grow our collective knowledge by asking questions, adding content, and sharing your expertise.