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What's Changing for the Cloudera Community

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Last month in the “Our community is getting a little larger. And a lot better.” announcement, we shared exciting news that the Cloudera Community and Hortonworks Community Connection (HCC) will unite our content and members under one roof! 


We will update and modernize the existing Cloudera Community at the end of July and fully transition all HCC content in mid-August. Here are more important details you’ll need to know to prepare!


What should I expect in the new community?

Our goal is to continue to be a trusted source of information and answers, and we strive to consistently improve your journey. 


We’ve learned a lot from what HCC did well, and we’re taking some of those experiences forward in the combined community. You’ll find the new community design simpler--it’ll be easier to ask and answer questions. Watch for the updated design to launch at the end of the month.


In the redesigned community you will continue to:


  • Ask questions. When you’re unable to find the answer click “Ask a Question” in the main navigation menu at the top to start a new question from any community page.
  • Look for correct answers. Find questions marked with a green “Solved” stamp to find questions with answers. And in August, all the HCC questions and answers will be available, too!
  • Connect and network with other like-minded experts. Our community is about to double! Be sure to “Add as Friend” new members with expertise you want to follow.
  • Search or Browse. You choose! You can “Browse” all questions, technical articles, or repos. You can also initiate a new search anywhere in the community. And improved advanced Search will allow you to filter community content by labels, date, author, metadata, post type, and contains (text). Additionally, the home page will allow you to toggle the feed by open questions, solved questions, or technical content. 
  • Share your expertise and knowledge. You will soon be able to also share your knowledge or troubleshooting tips with members using Community Articles and Repos. 
  • Search technical articles. All community members will now have access to user-generated Community Articles containing valuable troubleshooting tips submitted by our members when we migrate the HCC code repositories and articles to our community. Later this fall, subscription customers will also gain access to a greater repository of support content when the official Cloudera Support Knowledge is merged with the official Hortonworks Support Knowledge Base. To learn more about becoming a support customer visit Cloudera Support

The new Cloudera Community will feature a modern layout with an easy to use interface. Get your first look at a few key areas of the new community:


Want to learn more? Check out our post "Community Changes and Feature Definitions Details" for information on how to find or perform the common user actions  in the new community. 


How will I access the new community?

Your user account will not change in the new community.


Can I keep my community reputation?

The updated community will roll out a new reputation system that will include, among other things, an improved rank system, new leaderboards and a brand new community badge strategy. You will be able to earn new badges and advance your rank level every time you answer questions, contribute solutions, add community articles and more! Look for more information to come on this!


How can I learn more? 

The new Cloudera Community is almost here! Our team will continue to share important updates in the weeks to come, including more details around our exciting new Reputation System. Don’t forget to leave your feedback and comments because they are vital to our success both now and in the future.


-The HCC and Cloudera Community Team


Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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