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What are the benefits of becoming a Cloudera Service Provider

Expert Contributor

My organization is a services and consulting company.


I am reading this PDF


but upon reading this its still not clear to me that what is the benefit for a services and consulting company to become a cloudera service provider.


is there some other material on this?


** Please forgive if this is not the right place to post this. I could not find any forum which was suitable to post this question. **



@abhishes I will forward your question to our partner team and have them reach out to you.

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That brochure is extremely out of date and thus we have just taken it offline.


You may want to start here:


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I looked at the URL which you gave me and its still very thin for Service providers. it just says


Service providers deliver Apache Hadoop-based solutions and services to end users interested in leveraging Cloudera’s training resources, support and brand.


* How is the support offered to a partner any different from normal cludera support which I get if I purchase Data Hub Edition?

* Are there regular training events? or just 1 training which you give at the time of signing up the partner agreement? If there are perioidic trainings then is there a schedule for these partner trainings?

* Can you eloborate on what "brand" means above?