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Announcing: Cloudera Enterprise 5.0.3 (CDH 5.0.3 and Cloudera Manager 5.0.2)

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Dear CDH and Cloudera Manager users,


We are pleased to announce the release of Cloudera Enterprise 5.0.3 (CDH 5.0.3 and Cloudera Manager 5.0.2).


This release is focused on fixing key bugs and includes the following:

  • CDH Fixes

    • FLUME-2245  - HDFS files with errors unable to close

    • FLUME-2416 - Use CodecPool in compressed stream to prevent leak of direct buffers

    • HBASE-10871  Indefinite OPEN/CLOSE wait on busy RegionServers

    • HDFS-5891 - WebHDFS should not try connecting the DataNode during redirection

    • HDFS-6021 - NPE in FSImageFormatProtobuf upgrading from layout -52 to -53

    • HDFS-6077 - running slive with WebHDFS on secure HA cluster fails with unknown host exception

    • HDFS-6340 - DataNode can't finalize upgrade

    • HDFS-6475 - WebHDFS clients fail without retry because incorrect handling of StandbyException

    • HDFS-6510 - WebHDFS clients clear the delegation token on retry (for HA), thus failing retry requests

    • HDFS-6527 - Edit log corruption due to deferred INode removal

    • HDFS-6563 - NameNode cannot save fsimage in certain circumstances when snapshots are in use

    • HUE-1928  - [beeswax] HiveServer2 supports pass-through LDAP authentication

    • HUE-2085 - [core] Update migration dependencies

    • HUE-2184 - [core] Connect to Oracle via Service Name

    • HUE-2192 - [core] Create parameter to choose LDAP username for HiveServer2

    • HUE-2193 - [beeswax] HiveServer2 pass-through LDAP authentication at thrift level

    • OOZIE-1621 - Add proper error code and error message for sharelib exceptions.

    • OOZIE-1890 - Make oozie-site empty and reconcile defaults between oozie-default and the code

    • OOZIE-1907 - DB upgrade from 3.3.0 to trunk fails on derby

    • SOLR-5593 - shard leader loss due to ZK session expiry

    • SOLR-5915 - Cannot set parserImpl=... with PreAnalyzedField

    • SOLR-6161 - OutOfMemoryError Not Thrown in sendError

    • YARN-1550 - NPE in FairSchedulerAppsBlock#render

    • YARN-2155 - FairScheduler: Incorrect threshold check for preemption

We look forward to you trying it out using the information below:

As always, we are happy to hear your feedback in these forums. You can also file bugs through our external jira projects on