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Announcing: Kite SDK 0.15.0

Master Collaborator

Version 0.15.0 contains the following notable changes:


  • Kite artifacts are built against Apache Hadoop 2 and related projects, and are now available in Maven Central.
  • Added new introduction and concepts documentation.
  • Added a new Datasets convenience class for opening and working with Datasets, superseding DatasetRepositories.
  • Deprecated partition related methods in Dataset in favor of the views API.
  • Added a CLI copy task for copying datasets and also for dataset format conversion and data compaction.
  • Added an application parent POM that makes it easy to use Kite in a Maven project. The examples now use this parent POM.
  • Updated to Crunch 0.10.0
  • Morphlines Library
    • Added morphline command that parses an InputStream that contains protobuf data: readProtobuf (Rober Fiser via whoschek)
    • Added morphline command that extracts specific values from a protobuf object, akin to a simple form of XPath: extractProtobufPaths (Rober Fiser via whoschek)
    • Added morphline command that removes all record fields for which the field name matches a blacklist but not a whitelist: removeFields
    • Added optional parameters maxCharactersPerRecord and onMaxCharactersPerRecord to morphline command readCSV
    • Upgraded kite-morphlines-maxmind module from maxmind-db-0.3.1 to bug fix release maxmind-db-0.3.3
    • Upgraded kite-morphlines-core module from metrics-0.3.1 to bug fix release metrics-0.3.2

The full change log is available from JIRA.