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Announcing: Cloudera Enterprise 5.2.1 (CDH 5.2.1, Cloudera Manager 5.2.1, and Cloudera Navigator 2.1.1)

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Dear CDH, Cloudera Manager, Impala and Cloudera Navigator users,


We are pleased to announce the release of Cloudera Enterprise 5.2.1 (CDH 5.2.1, Cloudera Manager 5.2.1, and Cloudera Navigator 2.1.1)


This release is focused on fixing key bugs and includes the following:


  • CDH Fixes

    • Oozie: Using cron-like syntax for Coordinator frequencies could result in duplicate actions in certain cases; this is now fixed (OOZIE-2063)

    • YARN: Handle app-recovery failures gracefully (YARN-2010)

    • Impala: Memory leak with string functions (IMPALA-1397)

    • Impala: IllegalStateException when inserting results of a window function (IMPALA-1400)

    • Impala: Read errors with Parquet files (IMPALA-1401)

    • Impala: Regex functions don’t accept shorthand such as \d (IMPALA-1410)

    • Impala: Queries fail with metastore exception after upgrade and compute stats (IMPALA-1416)

    • Impala: Crashes due to bug in ClientCacheHelper (IMPALA-1445)

  • Cloudera Manager

    • Fixed metric collection for CDH 5.0 HDFS daemons.

    • Fixed OutOfMemory crashes on Thrift servers in Reports Manager and Event Server.

    • Replication commands respects JAVA_HOME if an override has been provided for it.

    • Fixed ZooKeeper connection leaks from HBase clients used by the Service Monitor.

    • For parcel-based installations, user home directories are created with umask 022 (instead of the user add default of 077)

    • A new health check has been added to indicate if HDFS rolling upgrade has not been finalized.

  • Cloudera Navigator

    • LDAP lookups in Active Directory to resolve group membership are now working.

    • Dropping a hive table and creating a view with same name or vice versa no longer raises an error.

    • HDFS extraction now works after upgrading CDH from 5.1 to 5.2

    • Setting a property in the Hue advanced configuration snippet no longer throws a "too many Boolean clauses" error in Navigator Metadata

We look forward to you trying it out using the information below:

As always, we are happy to hear your feedback. Please send your comments and suggestions to the user group or through our community forums. You can also file bugs through our external jira projects on