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Announcing: Cloudera Enterprise 5.4 (CDH 5.4, Cloudera Manager 5.4, and Cloudera Navigator 2.3)

Announcing: Cloudera Enterprise 5.4 (CDH 5.4, Cloudera Manager 5.4, and Cloudera Navigator 2.3)

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Hi CDH, Cloudera Manager, and Cloudera Navigator users,


We’re pleased to announce the release of Cloudera Enterprise 5.4 (comprising CDH 5.4, Cloudera Manager 5.4, and Cloudera Navigator 2.3).

Cloudera Enterprise 5.4 (Release Notes) reflects critical investments in a production-ready customer experience through  governance, security, performance and deployment flexibility in cloud environments. It also includes support for a significant number of updated open standard components–including Apache Spark 1.3, Impala 2.2, and  Apache HBase 1.0 (as well as unsupported beta releases of Hive-on-Spark data processing and OpenStack deployments).

Recently Cloudera made the upgrade process considerably easier via an improved CDH upgrade wizard; see details about that wizard here and best practices here. (Note: Due to metadata format changes in Apache Hadoop 2.6, upgrading to CDH 5.4 and later from any earlier release requires an HDFS metadata upgrade, as well. Note also that for parcel-based installs of CDH 5.4, Cloudera Manager 5.4 is required.)

Here are some of the highlights (incomplete; see the respective Release Notes for CDH, Cloudera Manager, andCloudera Navigator for full lists of features and fixes):


  • SSL and Kerberos support in Apache Flume for the Thrift source and sink.
  • SSL support across Cloudera Search (Solr and all integrations with CDH).
  • Cluster-wide redaction of sensitive data in logs is now possible.
  • HBase impersonation in Hue allows your client to authenticate to HBase as any user, and to re-authenticate at any time.
  • Solr metadata stored in ZooKeeper can now be protected by ZooKeeper ACLs.
  • Kerberos is now supported for Apache Sqoop2.


  • Includes beta release of Hive-on-Spark as an option for improved Hive data processing performance (unsupported).
  • MultiWAL support for HBase RegionServers allows you to increase throughput when a region writes to the write-ahead log (WAL).
  • You can now store medium-sized objects (MOBs) up to 10MB in size directly in HBase while maintaining read and write performance.
  • A new Kafka connector for Spark Streaming avoids the need for the HDFS WAL.
  • Hue pages render much faster.

Data Management and Governance

  • Expanded coverage in Cloudera Navigator
    • Impala (CDH 5.4 and higher) lineage
    • Cloudera Search (CDH 5.4 and higher) auditing
    • Auditing of Navigator activity, such as audit views, metadata searches, and policy editing
    • Avro and Parquet schema inference
  • Platform enhancements
    • Redesigned metadata search provides autocomplete, faster filtering, and saved searches
    • SAML for single sign-on

Cloud Deployments

  • OpenStack deployments are now possible as an unsupported beta.
  • HBase support on Microsoft Azure.

Real-Time Architecture

  • Cloudera Distribution of Apache Kafka 1.3 installs by default and is supported for production use.
  • Spark Streaming now has a receiver-less “direct” connector for Kafka.

New or Updated Open Source Components

  • Apache Hadoop 2.6
  • Apache HBase 1.0
  • Apache Hive 1.1
  • Apache Oozie 4.1
  • Apache Solr 4.10.3
  • Apache Spark 1.3
  • Cloudera Distribution of Apache Kafka 1.3
  • Hue 3.7
  • Impala 2.2
  • Kite SDK 1.0

New/Updated OS & Java Support

  • RHEL 6.6/CentOS 6.6/OEL 6.6 (UEK3)
  • JDK8u40, JDK7u75

Over the next few weeks, we’ll publish blog posts that cover some of these features in detail. In the meantime:

As always, we value your feedback; please provide any comments and suggestions through our community forums. You can also file bugs via

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