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3rd node of 3 node cluster does show up in "cluster" tab of Nifi UI

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Hello Experts,


I have a 3 node nifi cluster with host name as nifi-hatest-01, nifi-hatest-02, nifi-hatest-03.


nifi-hatest-01 is primary node at the moment and I can see (in logs) it is receiving heartbeats from 02 & 03.

And if I create flows in any one of the 3 nodes it gets sycned to all nodes.


But the problem now is the 3rd node (nifi-hatest-03) does not show up in the "cluster" tab of Nifi UI.




Any idea what could be the issue?

any suggestion would be much appreciated.


@MattWho @GangWar @smdas 





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Although 2 nodes showing connected , we should also see the time stamps under column started At and LastHearbeat . also I am expecting to see coordinator and primary under status column.  

it is not clear from attached snap, as in from which node you are trying to access the UI ? if you open UI from each node 1,2, and 3 what you see? Is 3rd is showing as disconnected ? 

have you checked the process id's  of nifi on 3rd node?

How zookeeper is used ? External user or embedded zookeeper ?


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Hi @ckumar - thanks for the reply.


I think that screenshot lacked info may be due to my permission issue.


Same issue has been posted by team mate here -


Please take a look at the screenshot attachment there which has more info.


And i can login from all 3 nodes ui, and in all nodes it shows up only 1 & 2.