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Ambari settings after database restore


I had to restore an Ambari database backup, which was a bit behind the current cluster status. Will the Ambari restore "rollback" config changes upon cluster startup, and if so is there a way to "refresh" Ambari with what's current in the cluster. Thank you.


@Brenden Cobb Are you upgrading ambari? Whats the previous and latest version?

2.3.2 is HDP version

2.2.0 is Ambari version


Nope, not upgrading anything. Ambari database stack options:

select * from stack;
 stack_id | stack_name |  stack_version
        1 | HDP        | 2.3
        2 | HDP        | 2.1.GlusterFS
        3 | HDP        | 2.2
        4 | HDP        | 2.1
        5 | HDP        | 2.0
        6 | HDP        | 2.0.6
        7 | HDP        | 2.3.GlusterFS
        8 | HDP        | 2.0.6.GlusterFS



$ ls /usr/hdp  current

Where current is correctly pointing to 2.3.x

@Brenden Cobb Are you doing this in production? We need to escalate this as p1 case so that someone from support can help you. HDP 2.2 vs. 2.3 under current...This is not good

@Brenden Cobb

since this is after-effect, I'd open a ticket with support. In my experience, i would backup all configs on every node, then try to restart agent on one node at a time as agent will advertise current config on a node to ambari server. Once you confirm everything is restored for that node, you can go to next node.


Thanks I will keep that in mind as I progress. Support is not very helpful at the moment..that's why dropped by.


@Brenden Cobb which region are you in? You can tail the Ambari server log for configbstatus. @Mark Herring


I'm in the Northeast. Thank you for the tips.


@Brenden Cobb no problem, I escalated your issue to get proper attention. I'm in Northeast, if you have similar issues, you can reach out to me directly. Also, please post your current status as this thread also needs to know the solution :).


@Brenden Cobb please escalate your case to level 1.