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Apache Atlas apply Classification to Attributes (not just an Entity)?

New Contributor


I'm implementing a data catalogue in Atlas with bespoke typeDefs, and we have the requirement to hide some entity attributes from some users, as well as hiding some entity types themselves.  We can do this at the entity level by applying Classifications at the entity level, and using the tagSync to Ranger to block access to unauthorised entities.

  • Is it possible to apply Classifications at the attribute level of a typeDef or when defining an entity?  I've tried it and it doesn't appear possible, but any confirmation of this would be much appreciated!
  • Assuming that classifications cannot be applied at the attribute level, is there another way of limiting user access to attributes, other than separating the attributes into separate entities?  I've seen the "Options" parameters in the typeDef, however there's no documentation I can find that gives further detail on what can be defined in Options, nor any examples for implementing.

Many thanks,



Cloudera Employee

Hi @RobArm 
Classifications can only be associated with entities and not attributes in Atlas. For fine-grained access to entities, have you tried integrating Ranger with Atlas?

New Contributor

Hi Maggy,


Thanks for confirming my understanding regarding Classifications.  We are using Ranger with Atlas, however the 'most fine-grain' approach with Ranger is to use the Classifications as I understand it.   Would you know if any other approaches with Ranger would allow fine-grain security applying to Atlas Attributes?

Community Manager

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Diana Torres,
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